Who We Are

We are a growing group of friends and families who are devoted to seeing redemption for the most vulnerable demographic in Uganda: sexually exploited and trafficked girls.

We do this by providing sustainable income through commercial business for funding existing ministries serving these cherished girls.

Our Passion

We are SOLD OUT to seeing the oppressed…REDEEMED. We are dedicated to seeing girls victimized by sexual exploitation through trafficking, come to healing and hope. We also know that true healing does not come without Jesus.

Our Impact

With God’s help and provision, we have the opportunity to impact and change a portion of East Africa. Through the DREAMS and PASSIONS of a few, many more are catching the vision! Our impact can only be accomplished through the financial partnership of friends who see the need and share this passion.

Will YOU join our team?

Our Dream for the Future

Through the creation of sustainable revenue sources, by devoting 100% of the profit of our businesses, EVERY Ugandan girl taken, sexually exploited or trafficked would be freed and redeemed. Each of these rescued girls would experience healing and know of a hope for the future. Each and every one of these girls would know the love of Jesus. And, we would be an instrument for that Hope – ETERNAL HOPE.