Why Pigs?

The answer to this question is simple.

We worked with consultants on the ground in Uganda to identify an industry that offered a high potential for success. After many conversations, several months on the ground in Uganda, and considerable research, we concluded that establishing a commercial pig farm presented Eternal Hope a high probability of success.

A detailed study of the pork industry in Uganda showed us that there is a growing demand for pork. Ugandans love their Pork and Chips! With an immature pork production industry (the majority of pigs are raised by subsistence farmers), and a robust pork processing industry in place demanding product, it became clear that there was a real need for a commercial pig farm and slaughterhouse.

Ugandan Pork Industry by the Numbers:


Commercial Pig farms in Uganda. All pigs are raised by subsistence farmers.

3.4 kg

The amount of pork consumed per person annually in Uganda. This is the highest consumption of pork per capita in all of Africa.


Average annual growth of pork consumption in Uganda over the last few years.

The pig farm will provide a holistic impact within the community. This unique approach includes addressing the economic, social, and spiritual needs of a community.


By locating the farm in a strategic tribal location outside of Kampala, we will provide jobs to local villagers. Additionally, the farm will give drought-resistant maise (corn) seed to each of our neighboring families, for both of two growing seasons each year. At the end of these growing seasons, the farm will then buy back the harvested maise from our neighboring villagers to use in the feed mix for the pigs on the farm. With a 100 acre farm, this will impact hundreds of families! This maise harvest will provide a new and significant economic impact to the village.


Economic impact invariably leads to social change. A new source of income will allow many of these families to, often for the first time, send a child or two to school. Some may be able to afford a used bicycle for the first time for more efficient transportation. For others it will provide the ability to purchase a small portable solar panel for the roof of their hut, translating into indoor light for the first time. The singularly most beneficial social change exhibited by families who have indoor light for the first time, is greatly improved test scores for their children.


As the farm provides economic and social improvement to the families within the community, a natural outcome of this new found benefit will be a favorable relationship with many in the village. Through these new and growing relationships will be an opportunity to make known our sole motivation in this endeavor (and all that we do for that matter)…to share the love of Jesus.