We are devoted to providing an ongoing, sustainable revenue source to the most vulnerable demographics in Uganda, while sharing the gospel and eternal hope found in Jesus Christ.

Sex Trafficking is Real

Stats and real experience show the missing component in rescuing trafficked girls is a lack of funding for crucial aftercare. Devoted long-term aftercare facilitates true healing, empowerment, and hope for the future.

A Simple Equation

Rescue + Love + Christ = HEALING
Education + University + Job Training = HOPE

An Opportunity

Ugandans consume more pork per capita than any other country on the continent, yet there is no commercial pig farming to supply the growing demand. A clear dilemma creates a clear opportunity..

Ugandan Pork Industry by the Numbers:


Average annual growth of pork consumption in Uganda year over year.

3.4 kg

The amount of pork consumed per person annually┬áin Uganda – the highest consumption of pork per capita in all of Africa.


Commercial Pig farms in Uganda… so far.

The Solution: Uganda’s First Commercial Pig Farm

Two years with leading consultants and boots-on-the-ground research yielded a detailed and viable plan to fund the rescue and aftercare for hundreds, and likely thousands of Ugandan girls, thus construction on the first state-of-the-art, bio-secure pig farm began!